Rolf Grebe

Rolf Grebe was born September 1966 in Germany near Cologne. He started riding and training horses at an early age. Rolf Grebe currently has over 50 students from those beginning with horses to those very experienced in dressage and jumping. He has trained in dressage with Jean Bemelmanns and studied under Jurgen Ducker as an assistant trainer. His longtime and current trainer is Wilfried Gehrmann who has established his ground work and double lunge line training expertise. The most influential trainer is Eckart Meyners.

Rolf is a certified trainer and sought after clinician in Eckart Meyner's Ballimo Movement in Balance training to improve the rider's seat and harmony in movement with the horse.

March 8-9, 2012 - Rolf Grebe Clinic
Breakfast pastries and lunch provided in our fully heated facility. Auditors are $20 per day. Please call Jessica Lawton at (224) 522-8743 to reserve your seat.

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