GPE Member of the Month

Meet Rose Grant

"Rosie" came to Grand Prix Equestrian as a member in February of 2011. Since then, this determined and very special lady has made great strides in her mission to be at the very top of her class.

Training Tips

"In order for the horse to work in relaxation we as riders need to be in controlled relaxation ourselves. We need absolute body awareness to achieve this. Every aid must start and end with relaxation. Perfect practice makes perfect."

- Yvonne Barteau, KYB Dressage

"I've been 'riding' my whole life'" says Rose. Just take a look at her photos and you'll see what she means. Rose followed what she calls the "typical progression"-- a pony, her first horse (a quarter) and then off to college and a career which put riding on the back burner. She then met a woman in Missouri who gave her a first taste of dressage and she's been hooked ever since.
In 2005, Rose leased a Hanoverian and her excitement for the sport of dressage blossomed. After a few years of local competitions she met Yvonne Barteau and within a year her "addiction" took over.
"When I entered the Grand Prix facility for the first time, everyone had a friendly smile and a welcoming attitude that made me feel at home," says Rose. As she began her journey with KYB she had "some rough moments… but everyone was so supportive it gave me the confidence to go on." And on Rose has gone. She's discovered her LOVE for showing, which she attributes to her equine partner, GP Ubilee. "He's adopted me as his 'person' and gives me 110% every time I ride." The two seem to love the showy part of dressage equally.

This season, Rose and GP Ubilee will work toward their Silver medal. Having spent the winter in Florida with Yvonne, Rose says Ubi now steps up to his work every time with a "Yes, maam" attitude.

"Finding, caring for and training a horse to compete at any level is a big commitment of both time and money, says Rose. "It's not a task that can be accomplished without professional help and one of the things that impressed me about KYB and GPE was the professionalism exhibited by everyone in the barn." Rose experiences the fun in being part of a professional team that strives for the best and for her, achieving that best "the sooner the better" is her mission.


We have another new member here at GPE. Susan Edwards, a friend of Rose Grant, joined us this month. We are very pleased to have her at GPE and KYB and look forward to getting to know her and her horse Iggy in the coming months.

Welcome Susan and thank you Rose for the introduction.

Horse News


With such an early indication of summer in March, we jumped on the opportunity to have Phil VanBogart completely re-excavate our beautiful outdoor arena. So, for those of you who love riding in the sunshine, surrounded by magnificent rolling hills and cornfields, thank you for your patience on the completion of this project. It is done! Jess and the boys just need to re-install the dressage fencing and we will be getting the official letters soon.

We try hard to keep our members happy and Jean, this one is especially for you!! Really, it's for ALL OF YOU so enjoy the safe, fresh footing and a fun season ahead.

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