Training Tips

"From the beginning to the end of the training process, balance and rhythm should be of primary concern. The aids are tools we use to provoke ever improved quality of balance, rhythm, and self carriage in the horse.”

-Kim Barteau, KYB Dressage

GPE Member of the Month

Each month we will feature one of our members here at GPE to give you, our readers, a closer look at the wonderful, dedicated equestrians we are so thrilled to have as part of our “barn family.” We hope you enjoy these profiles.

Meet Michele Roark

Michele has been riding “seriously” for a little over five years. Growing up in Texas, she had experience as a young girl on cutting and ranch horses but “I was just a passenger on those kind and talented horses,” she says. After spotting her first Lusitano stallion in the sport of dressage, Michele was hooked.


We have several new members who have recently joined us at GPE and KYB. Jacki Pisani with her horse Tristan came to us in January. Mary DeFranco joined us this month with her horse Enzo.

Please extend a warm welcome to our newest members. We are thrilled to have them here at GPE.

“The KYB method (of dressage training) is classically correct with no shortcuts but no so rigid that it doesn’t allow my training to evolve and grow,” she comments. “Always at the forefront is kindness and empathy for the horse which is a rare find in today’s equestrian culture.”

As the owner of two Lusitano horses, Michele hopes to compete one day, exemplifying what KYB’s training method can produce both in horse and rider. An athlete for most of her life, Michele sees dressage as a unique sport, not requiring only physical but also mental training. She says “it’s a study of self with horses as our teachers.” Michele describes dressage as FUN. “KYB ad GPE provide the perfect environment for the study of dressage and the comprehensive care given to our horses is incredible.”

She thanks our farm manager Jessica and our amazing barn staff and horse handlers for “always having a keen eye and scratch” for her horses.

Good luck Michele and thank you for being part of our terrific GPE family.

Horse News

GP Raymeister, spending the winter in Jupiter, Florida with trainer Yvonne Barteau, has turned a corner in his understanding of the more difficult grand Prix movements. He is developing strength and understanding daily. He scored a seventy three in his first freestyle effort and came back to finish second in the CDI Grand Prix Freestyle at the Jim Brandon Center in Wellington this February.

GP Delano is also down in Jupiter and continues to impress with his solid efforts in the show ring. He has been the top placing U.S. horse at two major competitions down there. He too is working on the Grand Prix movements.

Sarasanna GP is heading West. She was purchased this week by a lovely lady in Washington State. We’ll miss Sara’s feisty, Sandro Hit infused personality and wish her good luck in her new home.

GP Ubilee is also down in Jupiter with Rose Grant and working very well under Rose. Rose plans to show off her hard work this coming show season at Level 3. We have great expectations for Rose and Ubi.

Our young riders Keegan and Marah are working hard down south but things are coming together beautifully for their rides with Willy and Leo. Marah is also the proud owner of a second horse by Gribaldi. Urvin came to Florida to be sold but he was too special to let slip away and will debut in the YR classes with Marah when they get north.

Members we encourage you to send us news and information about you and your horse(s), especially with show season approaching. Thanks.

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