Grand Prix Equestrian, Maple Park, IL — May 10, 2011

150 guests from the social and corporate event planners sector participated in a beautifully orchestrated day of festivities to inaugurate THE BIG RED BARD at Grand Prix Equestrian as a venue for events.

Among the vendors who contributed their services that day were HDO Productions-Tents for Events, EVENT CREATIVE, Food for Thought, Kehoe Designs, Chef By Request, Cork Catering & Special Events, Corky’s Catering, My Chef Catering, Sweet Baby Ray’s Catering, True Cuisine and Classic Party Rentals.

Caterers presented deliciously appealing and finely crafted dishes for guests to enjoy, along with fine wines and beverages. Tables were set with brightly colored linens to match the colors of the barn.

HDO Production’s tent, set on the west lawn of the farm just behind the clubhouse, was easily accessible for guests to move freely from barn to outdoors. Of course, guests wandered up an down the barn isles to meet the stars of the day—GPE’s fine equine champions.

EVENT CREATIVE re-imagined the indoor arena in the barn as a cool, contemporary nightclub where guests relaxed after lunch to watch the BIG EVENT of the day—THE KYB DRESSAGE Exhibition of four equestrian performances. These exhibitions and others produced and choreographed by KYB trainers Kim and Yvonne Barteau, will be the
highlight of events in the future.

The team of Sheila King Public Relations organized and implemented the entire event to a T.

For information on booking your next event at THE BIG RED BARN, click on the link below to connect with TBRD website where every detail you need will be available. Or for immediate assistance, contact Ginna Frantz, owner, at